A sample of MDSI student blog posts in CICAround


Dead Horse Point Tree (32-bit HDR B&W)

Welcome Board of Studies members

Please find below a list of links that showcase some of the work that is been done by the MDSI students on CIC Around.

The following series of posts by our student representative on the Board (Rory) show a progression of posts related to tasks completed in one of the core subjects (Data Visualisation & Narrative).

DVN Data Story 01 – Why Education Matters

DVN Data Story 02 – Is NSW Becoming More Tolerant

DVN Data Story 03 – Do Speeding Tickets Work The Same For Everyone

DVN Assignment 2- Feedback in Action

In this next example, Perry is using his DVN assessment as an opportunity to explore another MDSI tool: Slack

[DVN] Using Gource to visualise UTS MDSI Slack

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is not a media company

Students use CICAround for more than assessable tasks. In the next series of posts we find Erin not only using CICAroud to share thoughts about her work in the data mining subject (Data Algorithms and Meaning) but also reflecting on a project she did in one of her electives  (DAB’s Interactivation Studio). Sharing her experiences in this way is not only useful for her own sensemaking but invites others in the CICAround community to learn about the work she’s doing. Students interested in following in her footsteps approached her to learn more.

Interactivation Studio – Final Project (and OMG I’M STILL ALIVE!)

DAM Assignment 3: “Cooking with care”

Data Mining in the Real World: Visual Summary

Challenge, Discovery, Interpretation, Application, Reflection

Examples of students sharing reactions to readings, talks, meetups and news stories are found throughout CICAround. Here is one such example from Alex:

The Power of ‘Not Yet’

Hackathons have often sparked blogging about the experience, sharing in the first instance within CICAround as in the case of Anthony’s post below…

Call of Duty – Pedestrian Safety Hackathon 2016

…and this Medium post by Greg is an example of how CICAround blogging can serve as a testbed for students as they prepare to share their experiences with more public audiences.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief tour of some of the student posts, showing how our blogging platform is creating opportunities for students to “CIC-Around” ideas within the MDSI family 🙂

image credit: Howard Ignatius